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Rutland Cutlery Company

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Rutland Cutlery Company is a derelict factory located in Sheffield. It was once part of the Osbome Tableware Group which included Nickle Blanks, Jessop and Smith, Beatson Drake and Classic Cutlery.

Osborne Tableware, the last of Sheffields high volume cutlery manufacturers went into administration just before it was to celebrate its 300th anniversary in January 2009 with the loss of over 70 jobs.

Varoius parts of the manufacuing process was undertaken by the separate companys. Nickel Blanks made the basic shape of the cutlery, Jessop and Smith forged knife blades, Beaston Drake made handles and assembled the components, Classic Cutlery polished and plated and Rutland Cutlery ground, sharpened and polished the blanks. All worked in unison to produce the famous Sheffield cutlery.

Osborne Tableware was acquired in September 2008 by local entrepreneurs David Kynman and Paul Coleclough. With plans to make sure the cutlery industry stayed within Sheffield, by bringing all the five companys together under one roof at Meadowhall. A new range of cutlery was designed to celebrate the tercentenary to be sold at Harrods and other well to do stores. Sadly they failed with the loss of 70 jobs. Talks to sell the company again came to nothing, the hope of securing the workforce with work died along with Sheffields world famous Cutlery production.