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ROC Beauchief

ROC Monitoring Post
53° 19' 38.1" N, 1° 30' 42.5" W

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ROC Beauchiefis a Royal Observer Corps post situated in the overflow car park of the Abbeydale Golf Club in Sheffield, Yorkshire. It takes its name from Beauchief Abbey whose grounds it sits in.

Painted white, it is vandalized with damage to the hatch. The louver vents are intact. It has the remains of the Fixed survey meter probe. A weather vane mounted on the ventilation shaft. The interior contents have been trashed, the pump is missing, and evidence of a couple of small fires remain as well as smoke damage. An inch of water cover the floor.

Royal Observer Corps (ROC) were given the responsibility of reporting nuclear bursts and monitoring fall-out. This was archived by the construction of underground monitoring posts throughout Great Britain and Northern Ireland. These were designed to give limited fall-out protection, usually at the same location as the aircraft monitoring post.

These posts are basic, with no mains electricity or running water. Toilet facilities were basic in the extreme consisting of a chemical toilet in a small room, just off the main entrance. This entrance is a 15ft shaft, dropping down to a large monitoring room, approximately 15ft by 7ft in size. These bunkers were built to a standard design. The furniture was also standardised inside the bunkers. A ventilation shaft with two louvered vents was located alongside the entrance shaft with a second air shaft at the other end of the room. Lighting was provided by a 12 volt battery located behind the monitoring room door.