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RAF Warboys

52° 23′ 43.76″ N 0° 5′ 50.71″ W
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Raf Warboys was a heavy bomber station located near the village of Warboys in Cambridgeshire.

Work started on the airbase in 1940 as Raf Upwood was becoming heavily congested. Raf Warboys was completed in 1941 but built with a very long runway measuring approx 6,290ft allowing for the take-off and landing of very heavy bombers.

Raf Warboys was allocated No. 3 Group in 1942 and was home to 156 squadron which allowed the americans to take over the base at Raf Alconbury. The airbase also became a Pathfinder Force Station, an elite night bombing group set up by Arthur Harris, head of Bomber Command.

The base was converted to take Lancaster bombers in 1943 but these were soon relocated to Raf Upwood in early 1944.

In 1960 the airbase was used as missile site, housing the Bristol Bloodhounds. These were discontinued in 1963. The site was then sold and returned back to agricultural use.

All that remains is a battle headquarters and a mushroom shaped pillbox.


A series of accidents of aircraft landing at Warboys was investigated after a number of pilots suddenly swerved off the runway causing in some cases a loss of life. The aircraft were checked but no faults could be found.The pilots were interviewed time after time until one finally broke down and reviled the reason why the aircraft were swerving off the runway.

I had just made a perfect touchdown, and was hurtling down the runway when suddenly, what appeared to be a little girl walking across the runway, I had to swerve to avoid her.

Other pilots soon confirmed this tale when they were confronted for the truth. By chance some time later, a skeleton of a small girl was found partially buried beside the runway, they were taken and buried in a church yard close by. No more sightings were ever reported.