From The Neolithic To The Sea: A Journey From The Past To The Present
Gorleston on Sea
52° 34′ 32.89″ N 1° 43′ 6.75″ E
Pre 1086

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Gorleston on Sea is located on the south west side of the the River Yare opposite Great Yarmouth, Norfolk. It was recorded in the Domesday book in 1086, producing salt and owned by Earl Guert.

Gorleston grew in size swallowing the small hamlet of Southtown in 1511. The parish church of southtown was demolished in 1548 to build a much needed pier. In 1681, Great Yarmouth claimed Southtown. It was not until 1835 that Gorleston became a borough of Great Yarmouth although remaining in Suffolk until 1891.

Gorleston became well known as a major centre for herring fishing along with Great Yarmouth in the early 20th century using sailing drifters. People would line up along the quay to watch the hundreds of fishing boats being off loaded. It is said you could walk across the River Yare from Gorleston to Great Yarmouth with out getting your feet wet, there was so many boats docked in the river. The drifters would sail out in all weathers to catch the herring.

The herring fleet is now long gone, Gorleston remains a low profile resort which began life in Edwardian times. Its beached regularly achieves Blue Flag status.