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British Extracting Co. Silo

East Yorkshire
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The British Extracting Company Ltd was an oil extraction company based in Hull, Yorkshire.

The company extracted oil from plant seeds such a Flax and Rapeseed to produce oils such as Linseed oil for the production of linoleum. The oil was extracted mechanically and was at least 75% efficient with the byproduct going to animal feed.

Huge silos were constructed in 1919 by Gelder and Kitchen of Hull and the exterior is built from brick with ashlar dressings with Baroque revival detailing. The silos inside are made from concrete, these were filled by screw fed conveyors on a pulley system. The seed was stored until needed for processing.

The British Extraction Company closed in the 1970's as a new process for extracting oils was invented which was over 90% efficient using solvents; which produced a higher yield, is quicker and less expensive making the old mechanical process obsolete.

The building was due to be demolished in 1996 but still survives today. It is a fine example of the design and ingenuity of the early twentieth century silos before the use of rolled sheet steel became common place in silo design.